07 June 2018

Friedrichshafen 2018

Friedrichshafen 2018 Ham Radio fair is history now.

I've been there, Friday and Saturday. My 3rd time, with 2015 first and 2016 second. You will read everywhere that there was a low both on visitors and exhibitors (on the "commercial" side), and that's true. It was extraordinarily quiet on Saturday morning! On the other hand everyone was more relaxed and easier to interact with. I finally met Hans Summers G0UPL from qrp-labs.com!

What did I bring home? For the future-me:

  • QCX kit for 20m, 42€
  • New Nixies from elecments13, 26€
  • Assorted Nixies used from LY2MQ, 10 pieces, 20€
  • Ammeter with calibration sheet, CCCP-made, 5€
  • Elka 135 calculator from a Polish seller with lots of vintage stuff, 3€
  • 7-segments LEDs MAN4640A in brown case, 8 pieces, 0,50€
  • HP 9403A Control Panel with fun discussion, the best €/kg!

I tested used Nixies with my portable HV generator. At least they are not dull at the origin.

The calculator was too cheap to be left there anyway, so I didn't try to fit my 4xAA batteries in the compartment full of dry leak.

The mysterious HP 9403A was simply too full of Nixie tubes that could be seen through the glass. It doubled as a (heavy) portable chair on the way to the car.

What I didn't buy:

  • IV-17 at 3€ ea.
  • Elka 101 calculator from the same Polish seller
  • Other instruments with Nixie inside (quoted at 50€)
  • Nice looking valves