30 September 2019

I will try WBFM on 24 GHz

I know I haven't told you yet about my achievements on 10 GHz and plans for the future, but I want to leave a trace on the Web that I will do some experiments with 24 GHz (twenty-four GHz) radars. The reason I write this short post is that I found no reports of HAM WBFM experiments involving CDM-324 / IPM-165 or other InnoSent and similar 1.3 cm modules. Neither positive nor negative. Nothing.

I have ordered three CDM324 radar modules to play with. They are not tuneable, so I hope they will not be right on the same frequency! I will detect their frequency difference, test the WBFM modulation process and then move to distance without and with dish.

So, in case you are interested in these experiments, or you have already been there, please get in touch!

BTW, in case an InnoSent representative reads this: I would like to test IMS-944 module but it is not easy to buy as a private customer.