30 July 2010

Keypad on FT817 and FT897

Thanks to one brave keypad owner I can now confirm that it works on FT-897 too.

I have composed a firmware with common functions to 817, 857 and 897 that is available on request. Key/function assignments are as follows:
  • A VFO A/B
  • B VFO A=B
  • # Onboard Memories
  • * Mode change
  • 0 direct dial
  • 1 direct dial
  • 3 Lazy PTT
  • 4 direct dial
  • 6 RIT
  • 7 Repeater +/-/no
  • 9 LOCK
Firmwares with FT817 proprietary controls work on 857/897 too, but you should limit your keypresses to functions that are common across the three models.

05 July 2010

Free schematic/PCB software with gerber output

I have come across a new and free software (for MS Windows) that has no limitations for drawing schematics and generating PCB layouts, including gerber format output.

Its name is "Design Spark PCB", look it up with your favorite search engine. It is sponsored by a worldwide known component seller.

I am giving it a try with the circuit-to-be of my 817 keypad evolution.