24 May 2018

Dot matrix LED driver chips

While searching for something else, I came across a forum where a bunch of TIL305 dot-matrix vintage LED displays would be driven by a HT1632C chip. Neat, because it would avoid the abuse of bunch of ATtiny's and allow greater flexibility. Unfortunately the usual Far East sources don't stock a breakout board with the HT1632C already soldered and without a modern LED matrix.

DIY? HT1632C comes in 48/52-pin LQFP package that is too small for my soldering tools.

Well, digging a little further I found that Holtek produces also three versions of the HT16K33 driver, and it is commonly found on breakout boards on eBay, without LEDs attached. It is controlled via I2C and it features a matrix keyboard input too, just in case. Last but not least, its made in 20-28SOP that is manageable with a fine tip soldering iron if I ever want to make a PCB (not a bad idea since wiring is going to be a mess).

I ordered a few, so that all those TIL305 can finally spring to life.