27 June 2018

Data for obsolete HP 1820 ICs

You will read everywhere that in the golden age of electronics (1960's 1970's) many parts were very short lived because newer versions became available almost each month.

This means that if you are reverse-engineering a board from those years you might meet strange part numbers that do not have modern equivalent. The problem arises if there is no manual/diagram available or you have a board of unknown origin.

Today I will concentrate on HP integrated circuits from 1970 and thereabout. Just because the HP 9403B device is full of them. They were numbered 1820-.... with no resemblance to the current CMOS or TLL naming standard.

I realised that the information is available online but it is not indexed because it is contained into PDF scans of device manuals, that in those years were written in a very detailed way: they would explain in detail how it worked theoretically and practically, schematic diagram included.

So searching for the part number will not get you far. Hoping to help the community of reverse engineers and addicted to 1970 circuits, I include below the pinout of some HP 1820 integrated circuits with plain text description found in the HP 5326B manual, so that it should become indexed by search engines. Please leave a comment if you found the information you were looking for.

List of integrated circuits currently covered:
HP 1820-0054
HP 1820-0068
HP 1820-0092
HP 1820-0094
HP 1820-0102
HP 1820-0117
HP 1820-0142
HP 1820-0145
HP 1820-0147
HP 1820-0174
HP 1820-0198
HP 1820-0199
HP 1820-0201
HP 1820-0209
HP 1820-0212
HP 1820-0213
HP 1820-0223
HP 1820-0238
HP 1820-0253
HP 1820-0272
HP 1820-0273
HP 1820-0274
HP 1820-0275
HP 1820-0276
HP 1820-0729 (see 1820-0092)
HP 1820-0307
HP 1820-0327
HP 1820-0328
HP 1820-0558
HP 1820-0561
HP 1858-0004

There is one image file per part number. The file name is the part number.

The zip file can be downloaded here http://bit.ly/HP1820pinouts on Google Drive or here http://bit.ly/HP1820pinoutsDropbox via Dropbox (1.1 MB).

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