05 January 2016

Veroboard at last!

When I was in primary school, at the age of 9 or 10, I received this book as a present:

Italian edition of "Science fun" by Usborne Publishing 1981

It shows simple electronics, chimics and physics experiments. All electronic circuits were supposed to be built on what I later found to be called "Veroboard": a multihole board with fully connected rows that could be easily interrupted with a drill bit or so. I searched all local shops to no avail. I resorted into building those circuits with componets sitcked in soft PVC food containers and showing them at school.

Now, more than 30 years later, in the local shop I tried asking for a "breadboard with connected rows", for the childish fun of asking, and ... what a surprise! They had it! Given the smell it was probably built long time ago. When I sat in the car after my shopping session I even though something was melting!

Now I have found out that I can shop online for "Veroboard" and get some more of it probably slightly cheaper than the local shop. Curiously most sellers are in UK and not in Far East. I had stopped looking for it too long ago.

Today I am using Veroboard in my VFD Clock transformation project, to simplify wiring between the four tubes that are connected in parallel next to each other.