06 August 2008

My QSL for 9A/IK1ZYW, Summer 2008

I had a little more than 50 QSOs from Rab, nevertheless I wanted to design a nice QSL front.

This originates from a digital picture I shot, some work on the computer and printed at the photo shop around the corner. I printed it in 10x13cm format, and will cut the excess bottom band to fall within QSL bureau 9x14cm limits.

The bottom band also carried an experiment: how small can the text be to stay readable (with magnifying glass, if needed)?

Using a pro service for printing is both cheaper (30 eurocents/pic in small quantities) and guarantees a longer lasting product than home printing.

I will honor all QSL requests for my contacts from 9A of July 2008. I am not sending out first.