08 August 2008

Open project of keypad for FT-817?

I posted this request on the GQRP reflector.

I am looking for an external keypad to match my FT-817 that can be built at home. Has it ever been published on SPRAT?

I've seen a couple of commercial products whose cost is equivalent to setting up my own development station, since I can master both software and hardware programming.

Yesterday I operated 6 hours /P in the Alpe Adria VHF contest and noticed that I'd like to have direct access to, in descending order:
- VFO A/B control
- Power setting
- Direct frequency dial
- Metering control (Pwr, Mod, Alc, Swr)
- VOX on/off
- Operating Mode (but this control has dedicated buttons anyway)

If there is no known open (= free circuit diagram and microprocessor code) design, I will develop my own external keypad and share it.

I received no feedback, so either everyone is on holidays or the world doesn't need an(other) FT817 external keypad.

Update 2008-11-24: the IK1ZYW keypad is now real! See newer blog posts or its homepage.