18 July 2008

Some radio-activity from Rab, IOTA EU-136, IOCA CI-096

2008/June/29 to 2008/July/12: 9A/IK1ZYW on Rab Island, Croatia. References IOTA EU-136 and IOCA CI-096.

  • 12V 7AH SLA battery
  • FT-817 at 5W
  • homebrew CW paddle and memory keyer
  • homebrew switched L tuner
  • 12m vertical wire radiator + counterpoises
  • pencil on block notes for logging
Being on a family holiday rather than a DX-pedition, time and energies for radio were limited. HAMming time was confined at night, after 23 local time, or during afternoon baby naps, when the operator didn't prefer to take a nap as well...

One HAM-dream finally came true: operating from the sea shore. The 24th OQRP Contest and the visit of XYL's friend allowed me for a little outdoor activity in the bushes of Gozinka cove.

Even though a couple of contests were around, 20m and 40m bands were quite dead for a Saturday afternoon. Was the propagation on holidays too?! I didn't feel any salty-water effect/improvement!

I continued the OQRP contest from the apartment terrace, close to downtown Rab. The antenna was ca. 12m of wire held vertical with a 9m fiberglass fishing pole and one counterpoise of ca 8m tied to the metallic terrace fence. With a switched L tuner I could get a proper match from 80 to 10m.

In the OQRP Contest I worked 38 stations in 15 DXCC entities. I worked everyone I could hear, but did not look for non-contest stations to increase the QSO count.

Overall I had more than 50 QSOs in two weeks. Every time I could be on the air I did manage at least a QSO. 30m was the most prolific band during non-contest periods.

A big thank to all the operators I worked, both in and out the contest. I will reply to all QSLs received with a photographic card I'm assembling with the pictures I took on the island.