09 August 2007

SOIC to DIP homemade adapter - w/pictures

You didn't ask for it, but here is my process described with pictures.

NB: I take no responsibility for whatsoever damage you may do to any animated or inanimated object. Do it at your own risk.

Sit the IC (or an identical one) on the board and hold it in place with a crococlip, near a corner of the board.

Mark on the PCB empty areas between pins using a permanent marker with 1mm tip.

With a SOIC-8 you'll get 3 marks per side

Very carefully with a cutter and a ruler draw connections between
twin marks on each side of the IC, and extend them beyond your marks

Then etch. Note the original marks...

With the cutter also etch a line across in the middle, so that you'll have 8 pads once you cut the copper clad board with your favorite method so that the PCB is composed of 8 pads

Last but not least, check insulation between adjacent pads with an ohm-meter, "dig" more with the cutter if you measure zero ohms. I discovered that you can emboss the etch if you hold the cutter slightly diagonal.