17 October 2023

Overvoltage on HLK LD-1115H - don't

In case you wonder how these radar modules handle overvoltage, the answer is: very bad. I gave 12V to both of my specimen while trying to understand where the 5 MHz modulation was coming from (TX or RX CDM-324 side) and they let out the magic smoke.

I removed both 3V regulators but the 3V line is still shorted to ground. There is a little chance that something else blew before the small 24 GHz chip but I doubt so.

I will check with Mauro if it is worth continuing with these modules since the output power is much lower than CDM-324 or the original Infineon part. We do need the tamed frequency drift these radars offer, but RF power is useful too to get decent "DX" results.

24 GHz QRX.