23 July 2020

Lagomarsino Totalia LD-122

Totalia LD-122 calculator.
According to the date I typed on the keypad, I have owned this Lagomarsino Totalia LD-122 calculator for one year and half. 

I got this calculator in good conditions, just needing external cleaning. It has a Panaplex display, which makes it interesting for me because it glows Neon orange.

The power cord has only live and neutral but at least it is still commercially available (the one that looks like the "infinite" math symbol) so the calculator can be powered up with all the proper care.

Side view with power switch.

The label says "Made in Italy". Really?

LD-122 back view with AC socket.

If I had room on the desk I could use the dust cover between each use.
Dust cover in place!

I should take pictures of the inside to document the technology and study if it can be somehow interfaced with a microcontroller to build the Nth clock...