15 March 2019

There is life on 10 GHz around here

I am really excited: I received HAM signals on 10 GHz!

I needed to add a T-bias to my RTL-SDR box and the longest part was drilling a hole for the pass-through capacitor.

Here's the quick setup on my crowded desk: can you see the LNB and the RTL-SDR?

What did I receive, beaming free-hand the LNB out of the window? Three beacons! And two of them were bouncing off the mountains surrounding Torino.  The recording has HB9EI/B ID signal at 147 km while both the LNB and the RTL-SDR were warming up, so it drifts:

Cool! Next days I will try QO-100 satellite, but I need to move everything on the other side of the house.