13 March 2019

Returning to 10 GHz

I am again doing something at 10 GHz.

During the journey to Montichiari HAM fair, fellow Pino JNS showed us how easy it is to receive the geostationary satellite QO-100 with a PLL-LNB and a small dish. The "last mile" is then done with the ubiquitous RTL-SDR.

Now my HB100 radar modules have a valid RX companion, so a 10 GHz RX-TX setup can be built and operated. It will be WFM or CW (A1A), but at 10 GHz and with very simple RF parts. The total cost for RF is about 30 euro.

I will initially try to receive QO-100 and a 10 GHz LOS beacon. Once I confirm the LNB is stable and spot-on frequency, I will tune my HB-100 modules into the 3 cm HAM band to a known frequency. Then again a short distance test, 200 metres "DX", and who knows what will be next.