30 April 2018

A lot of four calculators

This acquisition has been a very lucky find: four devices in the same lot, and three of them from early 1970's! I've had to wait a couple of months before getting my hands on them, but I think it was worth it! Let me briefly introduce them and their display technology (let's not forget I got into calculators because of their displays!):
  • Casio CL-200 co-branded Lagomarsino (Nixie)
  • Industria Macchine Elettroniche IME-141 (Single-digit VFDs)
  • Industria Macchine Elettroniche IME-401 (Panaplex)
  • Canon P34-D (VFD tube)
These devices should provide me with some entertainment, beginning with finding a way to power them up! Only IME-401 has a now-standard AC socket, while larger and older machines need a plug probably called "oval". Nevertheless I have been able to power up three of them with mixed results.

Three 1970's and one 1980's desktop calculators.
The real bounty of this acquisition could be the bunch of apparently unrelated power cords, plugs and sockets that came in the box.