06 November 2014

My ESP8266 initialise sequence

For my personal records, and the worldwide community, here is how I initialised my two identical ESP8266 modules bought in September 2014. As usual with these almost undocumented electronics, YMMV: your module may vary.

All commands are terminated with CR and LF and not echoed locally (this is a setting of your terminal).

The module comes in AP mode: it acts as an access point. I wanted to use it as a normal device on my home network, so I changed it to "sta":


This setting requires a cold restart of ESP8266. I am not sure a soft reset AT+RST is enough.

Now it is possible to join the local WiFi network:


To check if it has joined the network issue:


It will return the string +CWJAP:"yourWiFinetworkid"

Assuming your hotspot has a DHCP server, the assigned IP address is shown with:


That's it, the device is connected. It will reconnect at each power cycle. As is it will not do anything useful, just reply to IP ping.

Again, YMMV.
(in other words: I am not able to offer support of any kind)