11 January 2014

Baofeng UV-82L first impressions

So far I have owned for less than 24h the Baofeng UV-82L VHF/UHF handheld (firmware version B82S21). Here are my first impressions.

It does lack a DC socket: it must be recharged with its own base.

With battery and antenna it weights 250g. It feels good, you can't forget it in a pocket like the UV-3R. Easy to use for a left-handed (PTT with left thumb).

The operator must get used to the double PTT , one for each displayed line. If you want to avoid mistakes, just tune both lines to the same frequency.

Switching between VFO mode and Memory mode requires a power-off cycle.

Manual programming is not straighforward, as usual on Baofeng devices.

There is no signal strength indication. Even if it has a 5-bar symbol, it is either absent (squelch closed) or present (squelch open).

The loudspeaker sounds good and volume control does work.

It does V/V, V/U, U/V, U/U. One receiver active at a time.

The LED torch is pretty powerful :-)

I got positive modulation reports (Wide setting must be used here).

Last but not least, the charger base didn't turn either green or warm after 8 hours charging. I am now in the process of discharging the battery so that I can try again.