08 July 2013

Windows 8 and Bluetooth SPP

Bluetooth-to-CAT dongles for FT-817/857/897 use the Bluetooth SPP protocol ("Serial Port Profile") which does not seem to be available on MS Windows 8. At least in the preview version I have been able to try (Win8 Enterprise build 9200).

Device is found. Pairing with PIN works, a "serial-in" and "serial-out on Dev. B" device are created but no COM port is allocated on the system, therefore the serial-over-Bluetooth device is not reachable from the PC application.

Serial-over-Bluetooth HC-05 device is found and paired. But then...
Is this a Win8 limitation. Has it been solved with newer releases? Comments (moderated) are open, please write your experience if you land on this page looking for Win8/SPP information.

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Paolo said...

Looks like Win8 does not support serial devices at all. Windows 8.1 currently in preview (July 2013) (re)introduces this feature (established 3-4 decades ago).

I am about to try it out in Win8.1 Pro Preview.