14 February 2011

FT-817 Interactive Frequency Reader

... or "detachable display". A first version is currently working on my bench. It is taylored for microwave transverter users, so the current features are:
  • configuration mode accessed at frequency reader start-up with parameters in EEPROM
  • holds baud rate setting
  • holds transverter mode on/off
  • holds LO+IF and LO-IF math mode
  • holds frequency update delay in 15 x 100 ms steps
  • holds two L.O. values down to 100 Hz resolution
  • direct microwave frequency dial, with invalid FT-817 frequency control
  • mode change
  • VFO A/B toggle
  • VFO A=B
  • RIT on/off
  • LO value selection (#1 or #2)
  • 15 onboard frequency/mode memories
Since many frequency values can now be entered, keypad digits can no longer work as jolly buttons for other advanced features (a further study on HAM microwave bands is needed, though!). If the transverter mode is OFF, then the frequency reader takes direct VFO value (with valid frequency check; i.e. 156'000'000 Hz will not be sent to the radio because it is out of FT-817 range).

I plan to record a demo video in the next days, so that I can gather readers' feedback before a final public firmware version is packed up and documented.