01 September 2010

FT817 external display for transverter

Before I start to work at the keypad+display device for FT-817, I warmed my neurons with a simpler programming task: make the external display useful for users of (microwave) transverters.

It started with a suggestion on the 817keypad reflector when I asked for feedback on the simple remote display last Spring. Now I have a working code filling 100% of ATtiny2313's program memory with the following features:
  • read the transverter local oscillator frequency from the 817 with 10 kHz resolution (in case it's not set to x.000000 MHz...)
  • store the transverter L.O. in EEPROM for power-off retention
  • show the output frequency with 1 kHz resolution
  • all frequencies are displayed in kHz (sorry, too much code needed for a nicer format)
Watch a preview video on Youtube! The code has already changed since the video was shot: now all known operating modes are shown, and "kHz" string on the lowerline is preceeded with a space character.