20 September 2010

5W LED vs. halogen spotlights

I wanted to compare a power LED with something "similar", like a spotlight. The sink of my kitchen, sitting in a dark corner, was found to be an optimal location. Moreover the cooking area has two 20W halogen spotlights. Since they are next to each other, what a chance to compare them directly!

I took a wall-wart power supply, said to output 9Vdc, 1A max. I measured it under load to be at 10.3Vdc. So with my surplus power resistors summing up to 12.7 ohm, I could drive the LED at about (10.3-5.9)/12.7 = 0.34A (measured 0.32A).

The result is shown in a short youtube video, composed of few pictures.

As a practical result, the sink area is very well lit even at just 2W input. The cold white light gives an unreal look to the inox sink, but colors are not distorted.

The heatsink has been equipped with two thin magnetic strips (superglued), so that the installation is not permanent.