09 December 2009

cdzservices.exe hanging mobile devices (mSuite sync problem)

Note: this is a service information not really related to my usual lab activities, but I found no mention elsewhere in the net. I hope to help someone...

On 2009-11-19 the mSuite client on my Windows Mobile smartphone stopped synchronizing. Worse, something hanged the device eating up all its CPU, making it very non-responsive, almost useless.

Looking at running processes I saw that cdzservices.exe was the culprit. It belongs to Commontime mSuite software. It hangs because the Commontime CA certificate has expired on ... 2009-11-19!

So, work with your internal helpdesk and find the new certificate, install it on the mobile device and hopefully it should start synching again. I haven't gotten the new certificate yet! No mention on the Commontime website!

Please post a comment if this post helped you. Thanks.

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Paolo said...

The solution is contained in a PDF document at this URL: http://tinyurl.com/yfsvpty

If your mSuite server certificate has been updated, then simply update your handheld device certificate by visiting the URL listed at Step 2 in the above document.

It fixed my WM6.1 mSuite client.