11 December 2009

Back to WSPRing

These days my RTX setup is collecting dust, mainly because 30m are closed when I would be able to use them (after 22Z). So I decided to spare some electricity and see who could be received in WSPR in this season.

After seeing always the same calls on 30m I tuned to 40m and with my surprise there were a lot of signals, even if my antenna is supposed to be single-band for 30m. On 40m I decoded both Brazil (5W) and Australia (10W).

One disappointment: most reported stations were announcing power levels of 5W or more, with one WSPRing at 50W, wiping out the braves running 1W or less.

WSPR is not a QRP mode. QRP is in operator's brain! Sirs, turn down your power!