12 May 2009

Still no luck 6m mobile

It has been two weeks since I have started carrying my FT817 to work. The plan is to take advantage of ES openings while driving home>office and back, but so far I have had no luck: band closed.

I am active between 0600z > 0620z and 1520z > 1600z circa, usually calling /M around 50.155 MHz in JN35.

Funny episode this morning at a traffic light, when behind me stopped a car with a permanently installed CB antenna. My 6m antenna is a modified CB magmount whip. His plate on the windscreen evidenced he is a CB'er, but he horned lightly and cheered. I waved back and felt like a specie in risk of extinction.

All my sympathy to mobile radio enthusiasts, HAMs and CB'er.