28 May 2009

First Feldhell QSO

Looks like I need to move further very often. So from bpsk I tried feldhell. Nothing special about it, but I like its resilience to QSB. Moreover it leaves a lot to the brain for decoding, since it is a "visual" mode of communication. And apparently it works at 2.5W too!

The skip was about 7-800km that night, so SP9 right in the active area. The screenshot shows both my transmission (upper part) and how I received SP9. Note the discontinuities in his signal due to strong BPSK transmissions (visible in the waterfall on the RHS) and a local QRSS beacon.
Nevertheless his text was readable and the QSO could be completed. I should have tried with the narrow filter, and I need more practice in tuning hell signals.