05 December 2008

FT817 keypad - a suggested assembly

This is the first (and last) keypad I made not for personal use. It is on a veroboard/perfboard and takes about 5x5 cm. I have used a 4 way connector for the cable towards the ACC port and 8-way pin headers for the keypad. I prefer this latter solution to my development board that uses 8 independent wires.

This way the keypad sits on top of the circuit, effectively reducing the overall footprint to a bit more than the keypad itself.

For the reset button I installed only two pin headers, if the owner-to-be will feel the need to add one. The LED is wired permanently to the board.
The cable is 1m long, and did not show any communication error during workbench tests.

These pictures are provided as a guideline for you, homebrewers out there.
Please note that I am not available for building a keypad for anyone for less than 100 Euro, shipping included, advance payment. I hope this amount is high enough to encourage you into homebuilding this keypad. If you have troubles locating some parts, see the keypad homepage for some directions.