23 December 2008

FT817 CAT interface, a clarification on the wipeout warning

So far I have noticed very little interest in my keypad. I hope it is not because of the explicit warning about possible radio settings wipeout, but let me clarify things.

The keypad does not send potentially dangerous data. It sends and reads data as ANY OTHER computer software does. The fact that the keypad uses FT817 "proprietary" commands/extensions does not increase the risk of losing soft calibration settings.

Data (or, more generally, "information") may corrupted on the transmission path by external causes and thus be improperly received. This may happen both with my keypad and any other CAT control software.

Since I do not use CAT control programs I do not know if their documentation issues an accurate warning of total wipeout risks.

I prefer to tell the whole story and provide a preventive measure to recover from such an accident.

So, why hesitate?!