30 July 2007

Homebrewing for VHF

Seen this article list on GQRP list, compiled by Mr. Sholto. Mainly AM TX/TRX, which can obviously become CW equipment. On 4m too!

The 2T/2M (2 Transistors on 2 Meters)
QST p31 1968 September
R. J. Schlesinger, K6LZM
12v 2 transistor AM phone transmitter. 1.2W

The Connecticut Bond Box
QST p11 1968 August
Doug DeMaw, W1CER
A solid state transceiver for 144 Mc.
AM phone 0.25W @ 12v.

The 2-Meter QRP Mountain Topper
QST p11 1970 May
Richard Preiss, W7HCV
Solid state 2W compact phone rig.

A Featherweight Portable Station For 50Mc
QST p25 1964 November
Edward P. Tilton, W1HDQ
A complete 50 Mc phone rig including power supply. 50-100mW

A 2-Meter Transmatch With SWR Indicator
QST p39 1969 March
Doug DeMaw,W1CER
Transmatch with forward & reverse power measurement

Mighty Four On Six
73 Magazine p24 1967 November
E.R. Davisson, K9VXL
A low cost, 4 transistor AM transmitter for six meters.
Looks to be around 300mW at 12v

More Power On 144MHz With Transistors
QST p11 1969 August
David F. Becker, WA6BWP
A 7W@12v (28W@28V) 2M exciter and matching modulator and psu.

6 Meter Exciter
73 Magazine p52 1968 September
Kenneth W. Robbins W1KNI
Hybrid 6m exciter with 6CL6

Six Meter Transceiver
73 Magazine p62 1968 September
D.P. Bryan, W2AJW
Solid state 2W AM phone rig for 50MHz.

2N2 Receiver
QST p11 1965 January
Douglas A. Blakeslee, W1KLK
A simple 144 Mc Superregenarative receiver.
2 Nuvistors for 2 meters