31 May 2007

Magmount base apocalypse

D@mn d@mn d@mn!
After 15 years I bought a new magnetic base to use on my car. At the local shop (yeah, we still have a CB/HAM store!) I got a thing called BM-180-PL, 100% China Export.

The magnet is large but I have the feeling it is not so strong.

At the first usage the nut holding the SO-239 in place lost its thread and the center conductor from the RG58 cable detached (it was even a cold solder joint!) . Forensic analysis showed that the nut was made of aluminium. No wonder...

After my fix the rubber protection does not stay in place anymore.

Today I tried to detach my old "President Dallas" antenna from the base but... antenna and SO-239 were turing together!!!!!! D@mn d@mn d@mn!