07 May 2007

FT817 battery pack (external)

One lucky day at a supermarket I found "4x2600 mAh NiMH + wall charger" incorrectly priced at 9.90€. Two packs came home with me to become an alternative power source for my FT-817.

Off-the-shelf cells cannot be soldered, so I got hold of a 8xAA holder and added red/black female "banana" sockets. It also had a fuse, but the chna plastic holder broke the second time I opened it (for preliminary fuse inspection).

This pack holds at least 3 hours of VHF SSB contesting at 2.5W. I have not tested it 'till the end, but the voltage still read above 9.6V when I got back home.

It weights about 300 grams, whilst a Sealed-Lead-Acid 12v/3Ah weights about 1kg

Got and get them! 2500/2600 mAh AA cells are now even cheaper!