26 June 2023

My Ham Messe Friedrichshafen 2023

I'm back from Friedrichshafen Ham Messe 2023 and it is time to sum it up.

Hall A4 at 1/3 capacity.
Hall A4 at 1/3 capacity at 9:18 day 1

Space usage was pretty much the same of last year, as I had documented for my future self on this blog. The crowd was more or less the same. We stayed from 09:15 to 15:30 on day 1, Friday.

Regardless of the shrinking (or not) of sellers and audience, Ham Messe is still unique as it gathers HAMs from all over Europe and the world.

What I bought:

  • an energy measuring device for home (5 €)
  • 8 sticks of machined pin sockets and 2 sticks of multiturn Bourns trimpots (2 €/stick)
  • two Z303C dekatrons (10 €)
  • a variable lab power supply with 8V, 18V, 80V independent outputs (25 €)
  • T-shaped BNC adapters to play with the HP counter (1 €/each)

What I haven't bought:

  • an HP signal generator "for parts" (probably working) we couldn't reach an agreement on the price
  • other gear that I saw leaving the hall at lunch time, I think withdrawn from owners not actually sold!
  • Nixie tubes at current market price
  • what looked like homemade HF RTX from HA and YU sellers, since I have no HF antenna at home
  • other aero DME receivers that I bought last years, too bad

That's it. Next year the Ham Messe will be held on 28-30 June, 2024, if it will take place.

Three more pictures.

Pretty early days vacuum tubes...

... quite recent lab instruments.

I didn't know of this initiative from the nearby city Tettnang.