16 November 2022

Arduino based AVR ATmega fuse doctor

Given the ongoing semiconductors shortage and needing urgently a bare ATmega168/P/328/P chip, I had to reset two 168's unresponsive to the usual avrdude programmer command.

Actually I could have spent about 10€ to buy an ATmega328P rather than spend two hours assembling the fuse doctor.

According to my own blog posts, back in 2010/2011/2012 I had already built a fuse doctor, but the link doesn't work anymore. Well, I found this Fuse Reset by Thuta Kyaw on Instructables. It uses an Arduino Nano, which I still had at home. This time I decided to do a permanent build, in case I will need it again 10 years from now.

My build of Thuta Kyaw's Fuse Reset.
My build of Thuta Kyaw's Fuse Reset.

Building it with wires requires patience and a steady hand. There is no radiofrequency involved, so there's no need to do careful planning of the layout.

Operation is easy. Fit the ATmega patient in the socket, apply 12V, wait few seconds for the LED to switch off. Enjoy.

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