28 August 2022

Summer 2022 PCB Collection

In order to reduce the impact of returning home from holidays, this year I prepared a small present that would make me want to get back: not one, but three PCBs!

In July I designed the PCB for a secret project (it will be a birthday present). Then I added a board to simulate the spin of the WE6167 dekatron. And at the last minute I designed a board that would modulate either an HB100 or a CDM324 radar transceiver.

Each design is packed separately.
Each design is packed separately.

All the design was done in KiCAD 6 and each board had some challenges to learn something new: proper Net spacings for HV, new component footprint that includes a large "hole", adding an ICSP connector.

I chose JLCPCB as fabhouse, but I needed to slow them down so that the packet would arrive once I am already back at home, not before.

First of all, I chose three different colors for the three designs, and these colors take two extra days for production.

I submitted the order on a European Saturday afternoon and it went in production almost immediately: I didn't check that JLCPCB respects business hours, but they are open 7 days a week! Little mistake on my side, I lost one day, but otherwise I would be tempted to make more changes to the boards.

Then I paid for the slowest shipping option.

Why all this trouble? I didn't bring a computer with me on holidays, so I had to submit my order before departing.

Who came home first? PCBs, of course! They beat me for 2 days, shipping was too fast.

The secret project has passed the hardware smoke test and is now in the hands of the firmware development team (it's always me).

Three designs, three colors.
Three designs, three colors.