10 January 2022

Giants' Star by James P. Hogan

While I loved watching science fiction series/movies like Star Trek, in my teenage years I was not a keen reader (nor my parents) and I read just a couple of Asimov books. Then I was introduced to the mindblowing HHGTTG by Douglas Adams (SK), and that was it.

Following a renewed interest in reading (real) books and leaning towards science fiction novels, a friend lent me part of his collection of Urania books from 1970's and 1980's.

Urania series by Mondadori publishes a sci-fi book once a month (in Italy). Today drawings on their cover receive comments, likes and dislikes, as an art form on its own. And they keep up with the monthly publishing frequency!

I picked "Giants' Star" (1982) by James P Hogan (SK) from the pile of old books and I loved it. He has an interesting theory on the evolution of humanity, which is not totally impossible. Also his sci-fi artifacts like space travel are described in a technically possible way. No spoilers here.

In the end I discovered this is the third book in a series, so you might want to start from "Inherit the Stars" (1977), continue with "The Gentle Giants of Ganymede" (1978) before reading the book depicted in the picture.

These blog posts on books are mainly for my future reference, but who knows some reader might enjoy a reading suggestion?!