06 November 2021

3R12 flashlight mania?

I have had a chance to visit the Zagreb Hrelic flea market once again in August 2021. The religious holiday, the Summer period and the forecasted high temperatures probably discouraged many sellers, with the result that many empty slots made it easier and faster to walk around.

I bought a working 3R12 metallic flashlight for 1,3€, battery included. It matches the one I bought in a previous visit since it carries the brand "CROATIA" and shares an uncommon colour tone (to be polite...).

Either I search for the wrong keywords, or these items are of no interest to collectors. Nevermind: I might be starting a collection of some sort myself. I do like the incandescent lamp glow and they can be modified to be run on Li-XX cells, let alone the obvious LED conversion.

So far I have two of them. Lacking proper model indications, I will assign my own names with reference to the place+year of purchase and sequence (in case I buy more in a single year).

Note: the white balance of the following pictures is correct, or the closest that shows their real colour in my lab room.

Left ZYWHR19.1. Right ZYWHR21.1. Front sides.

Left ZYWHR19.1. Right ZYWHR21.1. Back sides.

 ZYWHR19.1 couldn't be simpler as there is not even an on/off switch! I think it is meant to stay lit as long as the battery lasts. The Croatia brand logo is stamped on the back cover.

Inside of ZYWHR19.1 flashlight.

In contrast, ZYWHR21.1 has both a permanent on/off slider switch on the side and a N.O. button to emit flashes on top. The Croatia text brand is stamped on the front cover.

Inside of ZYWHR21.1 flashlight, with battery.

Both of them work.