03 April 2019

HB-100 RF polarization

The test at 200 meters distance with HB-100 TX and LNB RX helped me:
  • to confirm once again that the 10 GHz signal can travel long distance
  • identify which position corresponds to horizontal polarization
Two years ago I could communicate one-way HB-100 to HB-100. I did it again but this time I had an LNB on the receiving end: plenty of signal to try a longer distance. Unfortunately as long as I am alone doing these experiments, it is either 200 m or 8 km.

Then, since the LNB has a known polarity, with no bounces off the room walls I determined (I am 90% confident) the polarization of the radiated 10 GHz signal. The rule is: polarization is given by the position of the line joining the two mounting holes. Incidentally it is rotated 90° with respect to the position of patch antennas.
So, when the longer side of HB-100 is horizontal, you should expect horizontal polarization.