27 August 2018

Flea markets in Croatia

I think Croatia's population of 4.1 million does not justify the presence of thrift stores. In fact I could not locate one that would sell electronics and related items. The key to success in this case is to know the right name in the local language. That's how I discovered periodic flea markets: "sajam".

While I have always known of Hrelic market in Zagreb, and never managed to pay a visit because I am never there on Sunday morning, searching for "sajam" on an Internet search engine brought up other events.

Like in Sesvete (East of Zagreb) every Thursday morning. Or in Samobor (N-W of Zagreb) every Saturday morning. And in Split every Sunday morning.

All of them open quite early, so you can get there at 6-7 A.M. and be back to your usual business before anyone notices.

I could visit Sesvete sajam on 2018-08-23. No pictures, sorry. It is a mix of farmers' (wholesale, sort-of), textile and flea market. Given the holiday period my impression was that the flea area was not too crowded. Best to get there by car. Electronically speaking, there were few sellers with this kind of items including one stand full of 1980's radio receivers. As usual you need your usual luck and trained eye to spot something interesting. In Sesvete sajam there are stands serving warm food, so if your bargaining takes ages you can have lunch break as well.

If you know other periodic "sajam" around Croatia please leave a comment!

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