29 July 2016

How I rescued the Bareconductive lab at Torino Mini Maker Faire 2016

Kids activity at Torino MMF 2016
I couldn't miss the chance to attend a Maker Faire in my home towm. So off we went at the Officine Arduino venue on a sunny Saturday afternoon in May 2016. In order to let my daughters enjoy the event I registered them to the Bareconductive lab, where they where supposed to draw a circuit with conductive ink.
I had booked a total of 4 seats together with two more children, but when we came (a bit late I must admit), the lab volunteers could take only one child because they had run out of CR2032 battery holders. Too bad, because the two boy-friends were willing to try! On the other hand the staff had conductive ink to spare.
My quick and dirty button cell holder.
I took along with me a simple TIL305 name badge powered with a CR2032 button cell, and since I had no suitable holder at home I used a small but powerful clothes peg with adhesive copper tape as a suitable replacement. Idea! Emulate the clothes peg using the conductive ink and folded paper!
I asked one guy if they had more LEDs. Since they had, I showed them my "battery holder" and explained my idea of replicating it on paper. They engineered a path for the conductive ink and could let many more children light their LED.

Original (top) and hacked (bottom) versions.