20 April 2016

Copal 602 flip clock

3/4 side view.
Before LEDs, how were digital clocks made? Not with Nixies, that (in my opinion) were mainly used in instruments where the information to be displayed was more randomic than sequential. There existed flip clocks! It looks like they were invented in Italy.

But at a flea market I found a Japanese production, the Copal 602. It was being sold as an ornament at the cost of few espresso coffees (or one basic fast-food menu, burger + chips + drink): well worth a try, and in any case a curious ornament or case for other projects.

With my surprise the clock does work even though it appears to be running a bit fast, like 40-50 seconds gain per hour. It is very silent, much more silent than a classic clock, and it even has a neon bulb that gently lights up the time (and it works too!).

Copal 602 front view.
Time to have a look inside, since I have no real idea how it works.

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