30 August 2015

AA to C cell adapter

[In Italian: "Adattatore da stilo a mezza torcia"]

So, your kid just received a new toys that requires batteries. Not plain simple AA cells, but C size. "Batteries not included" the box says. After the fist moments of unspoken words, this is a good chance to prove your audience your homebrew ability with a macgyverism!

Grab two ubiquitous AA cells and wrap them with cardboard until their diameter fits comfortably into the battery compartment. Fix the wrapping with a bit of adhesive tape. That's it!

AA on the left was partially extracted from the adapter.

How is it possible? AA and C cells share the same height. A C cell is an AA put on steroids. Theoretically it holds 2-3 times the capacity, but some people reported fake C batteries that were wrapped up AA's.

Have fun with the new toy!