09 December 2014

My best DX on 23 cm so far

My usual DX on 23 cm is 136 km during the monthly activity contest. Last Sunday there was the 50th anniversary of the Vecchiacchi V/U/SHF contest and I wanted to pay my tribute to the event.

All I could do was to spend the last contest hour on the air on 23 cm SSB. I was logged to the on4kst chat and got a request from a station 368 km away.

My 23 cm setup consists of a transverter with about 15 W out, 5 metres of SAT-TV coax and a 23 cm Yagi on the balcony, with "hand-rotor". The DX station was checking aircraft positions so that we could attempt an Aircraft Scatter QSO. At the first try my antenna was beaming too North. Then I adjusted it to what should have been the right direction and ... BINGO! The QSO was completed. We used three airplanes, that made a very long opening on our path.

Luckily I guessed how much off-frequency my transverter is!!

It is amazing how well AS works. Much similar to MS, but much more predictable!