31 December 2012

IFR, Knob evolution

2012 Xmas season has taken me back to the IFRK code, so that transverter functions would be finally included, paving the way to a long-awaited public release. Curiously, after almost 3 months without looking at the source code, I was able to identify a simple way to support the transverter math.

The current IFRK state-of-the-art is:
  • frequency computed down to 10 Hz resolution, like the FT8x7 display
  • transverter LO 10 Hz precision
  • maximum shown output frequency is above 21.4 GHz
  • tuning knob supported!
  • tuning knob has 11 steps and "fast" 10x mode
  • direct dial; in transverter mode, only kHz digits can be inserted (1296.xyz.000)
  • LO value <> memory location mapping
  • FT817 proprietary functions for power level control and A/B/C repeat on IFRK display
In order to summarize current key mappings I have compiled a table with key functions (opens in new window).

Besides some cosmetics on the display and a thorough testing, I am planning to output in binary form the LO position and/or the band selected (2 bits each). These last features would control unused pins on the ATmega168 chip, so there will be no impact on existing IFR(K) circuits.

HNY 2013!