12 November 2012

10m and 30m are not harmonically related

Since a week I have switched my antenna from 10m to 30m, to be able to use some after-sunset propagation. On 30m it is composed of a 3.8m long radiator with a loading coil at the base, held horizontal out of the balcony with a telescopic fishing rod. Previous posts: [1] [2] [3] (all on this blog, open in a new window)

Then I remembered that the two HAM bands 10/30m are not harmonically related, which is a prerequisite for building a multiband "parallel" dipole. In my case it would be a parallel dualband monopole. Or three-band, since the 10m radiator could be used on 12m with acceptable SWR.

Since this is an experiment I have never tried before, I will check it out soon.