25 September 2012

Back on the 10m waves

This antenna was easy to tune, since I have enough support to hold a 10m quarter of wave radiator (4m long fiberglass telescopic fishing pole).

I had a couple of hours to tidy up the shack-lab while putting out some CQ's.
First I tried on 10m WSPR at 0.5W, receiving report from DU and VK lands. Then, not satisfied with the gratification coming from an automated system since I was in the shack, I remembered of PSK31. I tuned down a little and managed 8 QSO's, including a new one OD Lebanon that came back to my call.

The antenna is fed with RG58 coax coiled up to form an RF choke. The choke is held in place with a clip-on ferrite bar. I have no idea if RF is flowing back to the shack. At the indoor coax connector the SWR is 1.5:1 on 10m and 2.5:1 on 12m, so the antenna is somehow a dualbander.

The fishing pole is long enough for a 15m quarter of wave radiator without needing loading coils, so I might give it a try.