29 May 2012

VHF/UHF SDR from a DVB-T dongle

Many people on Internet are talking and documenting "GNU radio" ability to create a SDR out of a USB DVB-T TV tuner. [I apologise for too many acronyms in one sentence.]
A 20US$ device (Ezcap EZTV668 in my case) is supposed to tune, display and decode transmissions between 65 and 1700 MHz. Sampling resolution is only 8-bit and there is no front-end filtering for this direct conversion receiver (can be added externally, of course), but this will let me have a peek at 23cm band.
Also it could be useful as a poor man's spectrum analyzer in my lab.

Who knows? Time - and experimentation - will tell (me).

Well, first it has to come from Far East.

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Paolo said...

Edit June 7th, 2012: the dongle has entered the Italian land. It is now in the warehouses of Customs.