02 September 2011

FT-8x7 CAT Emulator - power budget

One of the adavantages of not relying on the real FT-817 for testing an I.F.R. is the fact that it is easier to measure current consumption. I plugged a milliAmp meter in series with the 12Vdc line before the Emulator and measured:
  • FT-8x7 CAT Emulator + IFR: 50 mA @12V
  • FT-8x7 CAT Emulator alone: 17 mA @12V

So the I.F.R. with a white/blue LCD and my choice of resistor values (for backlight intensity) drains 50-17 = 33 mA.

It's not much (could be lower?), the whole equipment could be powered off a 9V rechargeable battery or a 7.4V Li-ion cell.