08 August 2011

FT-817 remote "F" button - proof of concept

While showing both the Keypad and the IFR to a local HAM, he suggested that it would be useful to have a way to remotely press the "F" button (and show the current menu page). Unfortunately the CAT protocol does not allow it. But the "Quick Menu" function silently activates a menu page with two keypresses, as opposed to F press and SEL rotation.

How about removing the word "silently" from the last sentence?

The IFR has a display and on the second line there is room for extra info. Especially if the mode string can be moved on the first line: that is true if the FT817 is not used in conjunction with a transverter.

My plan. Develop a no-transverter IFR firmware that shows the current menu page on the remote display. It will be a reminder of what is actually on the radio and what do keys A/B/C do if pressed.

Expect a demo screenshot soon.