27 July 2011

Differential signal path in transceiver designs (article)

In July 2011 issue of AD's Analog Dialogue I spotted this article on RF design: Differential Interfaces Improve Performance in RF Transceiver Designs.

It is about designing an I/Q receiver and a transmitter using a differential signal path instead of the more common single-ended approach. With three practical examples including calculations, this article should help the design of a differential chain for HF/VHF HAM use.

Prove me wrong, but hasn't the NE602 got differential inputs and outputs?!

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K0EET said...

Yes the NE602 is fully differential.

If you haven't already done so, see:


It is a 20M receiver by Bill Meara (soldersmoke fame).

It uses 3 NE602's and a LM386
NE602 as an RF pre-amp
NE602 as detector
NE602 as AF pre-amp
LM386 as AF amp

I have no idea if it is a good design or not, but is is unique in that the whole chain is differential, including the LM386.

Paul - K0EET