08 October 2009

DTT switch-over

2009-10-07: switch over from analogue over-the-air TV to digital (DTT, DVB-T) in my area.

I grabbed the TV remote control and scanned all programmed channels, from 1 to 29: white noise. I ran a complete search in case the condo antenna could pick up some remote signal once masked by stronger local stations: nothing.

RIP analogue TV.

I still have to erect my antennas on the roof. With digital TV signals it will be harder to identify even the lightest TVI, or perhaps the whole system will more immune. At least people won't hear my voice or CW through their TV set loudspeakers, just loose audio or video quality.

Maybe some analogue TV will be thrown away, becoming a good source for scrounged parts to keep aside for future experiments.