26 January 2009

Heavier paddle

I do not own a professionally made morse paddle. Or IAMBIC key, if you prefer to call it that way.

I have used an ultimate low-cost ultra-portable paddle for all my A1A (CW) contacts, but it was also ultra-light. I had to use boths hands: one for keying and one to keep the paddle still.

It is a fine compromise when sitting on a mountaintop, but not in the shack. I asked around and those fine looking paddles weight 1kg (2.2 pounds) or more. Heaviest materials for a proper base are: platinum, gold, tungsten... marbles. They all weight more than 2 kg per cubical dm.

I excluded those noble metals and opted for a scrap piece of marble from the local reworking plant. I got three pieces of what looks like granite for a total of 2.7kg (approx 0,7 + 1 + 1 kg).

Before drilling I wanted to try the concept. Here's the result:

"JFK" in SP3 land was the first contact. Then few more rolled in, for some finally relaxing 2xQRP contacts.

Now, a new problem: how do I drill this piece of stone?